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Client Name: Turnup Hub

Overview/Project brief:

Starting out, our vision was simple, an app that would be famous for being the hub for all manner of turnups and events. Somewhere people knew that they could for sure go to to get tickets or reserve seats for the hottest events and outings that interest them. App would cover General Events, Sport events, Concerts and Movie airings. 

Design or Redesign?

This was a design from scratch project. We decided colors, typography, feel etc from scratch.

Our targets were young people as the name “Turnuphub” suggests . It was somewhere along the line we decided to expand and cater for certain other forms of events that youths wouldn’t normally attend.

The main emotion we wanted to project was fun, but with a feeling of safety, The blue color used is somewhere between blue and purple, safety and trendy.

Considering our main audience was young people, we aimed to impress via the interactions, illustrations, design and overall feel. Littered around the app are sweet interactions, motions and drawings, with straightforward user flows to make it a fun ride.

For things like font choice we needed a balance between trendy but legible and functional, the gilroy and google sans combo did just this. Buttons were made to be consistent with sweet responses to interactions.

App’s still in progress but where we’re at now, we have built a solid design system that will definitely ensure everything stays in line with the vision

My roles

  • User research
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping
  • User experience design
  • Interaction design
  • Interface design


The challenge/ Problem diagnosis

A place that people could turnup, literally. It was a multi faceted problem, event organizers needed a way to effortlessly list their events, list tickets and you know get paid. Event goers on the other hand just want a place to find events and book or purchase tickets without thinking too much about it.

Our aim, bridge these two user audiences and make the world a lil happier.

Research and insight gathering

Our target audience is mostly the general audience, but for the identity we wanted to create we needed to appeal to young people specifically, at least initially, people between 16 to 40.

We interviewed a couple of them, I made friends with some of em and within the period of the interview and my further discussions with them over chat, I uncovered a lot of things, other than wanting to perpetually have a good time, they also wanted ways to plan events with friends, buy tickets for friends and assign it to them, chat about events, see what events their friends or people they follow are planning to attend and so on.


Some apps already offering similar services were









User Personas [Pain points and Problem statements]

From all of the gathered info, we created some personas. [These are adapted personas, i’m not allowed to share some original documents of this project]

Brainstorming [Storyboarding, Sketching, Ideation and How do we questions]

We prioritized features, decided what elements and sections needed to be on each screen of the app and then we started sketching, after a couple sketches we arrived at a baseline aesthetic, from here on further sketches were done with this in mind.

The solution

We decided that we could categorize all manner of events that exist into four categories

  • General events
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Concerts

We built it the app to be like a four in one app, with a switcher that switches between each event type.

First prototyped user journey

Onboarding > Login/Signup > Favorites picker page > Homepage > Feed > Event info page > Ticket pick page > Ticket purchase page > myEvents Section


Below are the wireframes of some screens

Design Decisions

Color choice, Font choice, Icons etc


Results and Takeaways

[The final result, some screens from the app and a prototype video]


Thoroughly exciting project I must say, Response has been overwhelmingly amazing. I  and the devs got the minimum viable product up and running in time for the third wave of investments

Tools Used

Adobe illustrator

Adobe xd

Adobe after effects


Stakeholder Testimonials

“It’s a joy working with Daniel, he brings very actionable insights to every discussion” – Chijioke Okafor, Lead FrontEnd Dev.

Contact Info

Want to talk about this project or something else? Hit me up @ danielfransix@gmail.com

Date: April 12, 2020
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