Daniel Fransix

Stellar user experiences woven into aesthetically pleasing interfaces



Product design: I’m capable of crafting products that people will genuinely enjoy using and can simultaneously achieve business goals.

Vector Illustration:My illustration skills enable me to create 100% custom illustrations and icons for my interface designs. Since I create them myself, I can craft illustrations that accurately exude the particular aesthetic feel I have planned for the entire design.

Interactive prototyping:I’m able to create clickable interactive prototypes that excellently replicate the feel of an actual app down to the micro-interactions. [Thanks to protopie and AE] This helps me in testing products with users before spending resources on development, it also helps in explaining my designs and plans to developers.

Animation: I’m also a pretty good animator, so I’m able to use motion to add bits of delight that make products stand out.

Others: I’m skilled in the entire Adobe creative suite except for Adobe Audition. 


Interests: I´m an avid gamer, I´m also an excellent footballer, I think I might have been playing professionally if I didn’t love computers more 😅.


Resume: You can access my resume via the link below.

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